7 business lessons from stars in the show business

Today I looked at two female representatives of the show business – Jennifer Lopez and Lindsay Lohan. Both have different achievements. On the other hand, they have a lot in common. They are adored and criticized. However, not always the colorful covers write to us that many of the people from the headlines are businessmen from whom we can learn a lot.

  1. Both ladies have a desire to achieve something more in life. They don’t just stay with the movie industry, they additionally work in the music industry. Beyond the spotlight, they are active in the business world.
  1. Jennifer Lopez works constantly, she sings and plays in films. Her pay is sufficient for a high standard of living. Although she is active in the world of show business, she works on developing her businesses and investments. She could certainly relax in the evening, but she doesn’t do it, she works.
  1. Stars have goals they aspire to. They implement various projects. Sometimes their interests are similar, like creating new outfits or the cosmetics industry. They also have their selected fields of activity. Lindsay has the Lohan Nightclub in Athens, Greece, which has enjoyed popularity so far.
  1. It happens that they are criticized in the media. It happens that not every venture is successful. They keep working despite failure. Failure doesn’t stop them. One thing doesn’t work out, they get involved in another. Lindsay had a clothing line 6126, her cooperation with the Ungaro fashion house ended very soon. Her website with paid premium access is not working. Despite this, she still has a club in Athens, has released a self-tanner. She tests new things. Jennifer has had a hard time in her career too. She didn’t give up.
  1. They can cooperate with business people. Jennifer invested money in the Sarva Indian start-up in 2019. Lohan in cooperation with businessman Dennis Papageorgiou opened a nightclub in Athens, and the result of cooperation with Lorit Simon is Sevin Nyne, self-tanner.
  1. They are versatile. Jennifer has an impressive list of movies and albums, besides, she has released more than 20 scents of her perfumes. She has a clothing-line and invests in real estate.
  1. The businesses of both women are located hundreds of kilometers from their place of residence. This requires the development of such a business which they control and which do not control them.

How can you benefit from Jennifer and Lindsay’s experiences?

  1. Share your free time between leisure and development of your skills.
  1. Be open to the opportunities that show up around you.
  1. Create an additional source of income, start with what you believe in, what you like to do.

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