9 ways to deal with crisis and fear

During a crisis, people:

  • Most often they give in to panic or anxiety
  • They become indifferent to what is happening and approach a difficult situation based on what it will be
  • Change the difficult situation in their favor.

Fear affects everyone and is a normal phenomenon. It is not good when the fear persists, it intensifies and you take action under its influence. The result is empty shelves with meat, toilet paper, and cleaning products. There are panic effects on the stock exchange. Stock prices are falling. For fear of losing money, people leave the investment, which causes a fall in share prices. Lower share prices mean that outgoing people lose money at an unfavorable moment. Panic is rising. How to stop her

How you can deal with excessive fear and turn crisis time into a better tomorrow?

  1. Avoid crowds of negative information. If you need to be up to date, use reliable sources of information. Make an experiment. Take a break from the Internet for a few hours and then observe your well-being. If you feel better – use technology to your advantage:
    • Schedule when you want to have access to the message.
    • If you belong to groups on FB and WhatsApp use the mute function to stop constant notification of new messages.
    • On FB, you can set the notification intensity.
    • Look for positive content and messages from areas that interest you.
  1. Learn resilience. Resilience is the ability to cope with difficult situations. You can find information about it on the Internet or order a book straight home.
  1. Take care of your health:
    • Take care of vitamins. Vitamins C and D play a big role in raising immunity.
    • Eat vegetables and fruits.
    • Enjoy the sun. Go out for a walk, and if you can’t on the balcony or put your face to the sun.
    • Sow sprouts. Radish sprouts are the richest in vitamin C. Rz┼╝ucha, the most popular for Easter can be eaten all year round.
    • Move. Take breaks while you work at the computer. Take advantage of the ideas available on the internet.
  1. Take care of your finances. Learn the financial alphabet. Learn about financial dependencies. Thanks to this, you will see how the crisis can contribute to your financial well-being.
  1. Think forward to the future. Plan your finances, family life or garden.
  1. Instead of being afraid for your job:
    • Learn a new skill, improve your competences.
    • Look for an idea for plan B or find a way to create an additional income stream.
  1. Develop your hobby. Share what you know with others:
    • Grow the garden.
    • Sew, paint, write.
    • Make videos on youtube.
  1. Maintain good relations with your loved ones:
    • Talk to people you have not seen for a long time
    • Spend time actively with your loved ones.
  1. Keep a positive mood:
    • Watch comedies
    • Put a notebook or jar of gratitude and note what good things happened to you every day or week.
    • To welcome the day, smile to yourself in the mirror.

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