How can you check if you are in the right place?

In some organizations, it is explained that just because if you have no results now does not mean that the system is faulty, but your work is not enough. This approach suggests that despite the lack of effects, you have to keep going and keep going. In the end, the results will appear on their own.

The mentioned above approach does not strengthen a person. It gives power to the system. It ignores the fact that to be effective, is not enough to do a lot. One should also be authentic in action. Simon Sinek wrote: “You are authentic when everything you say and everything you do you ACTUALLY believe.” Only being authentic you can achieve lasting success in the field of your choice. 

The values ​​are what people strongly believe in. When personal values ​​are not harmonious with the values ​​of the system, in which a person operates, only increasing the amount of work will not be helpful. Even if a positive result appears, it will not be permanent. Referring to strategic goals and plans alone is not sufficient, because what pushes a person to act, is what is valuable and worthy of attention for the self.

  1. Do you take action for a long time and still don’t see the effects?
  2. Do you have results, but each day less and less satisfaction from the activity?

Think what matters most to you – values ​​regarding gender, age, language, religion, political views, and education? Or values ​​such as thinking, family, health and financial independence?

Values ​​are not short-term goals. Values ​​guide the behavior of the individual for a long time. You will feel good in the place where your values ​​are consistent with the values ​​of the organization and its people. To know if there are similar values ​​in the organization, you must know your values first, ​​and then the values ​​of others. When comparing your values ​​and those around you, it’s worth referring to a longer cycle, alternatively of relying on a one-off event.

The comparison will be the better the more carefully it is performed. Compare your standards with the values ​​in the organization and the moral code ​​guiding the actions of people who have the greatest impact on it.

The more similarities, the more authenticity in your actions. What is authentic attracts. Authentic action gives a lot of joy from the activity itself. It flows straight from the heart.

The scheme of operation of values ​​as a driving force can be compared to the performance of motors.

In the case of three-phase motors, the unbalanced power supply is a threat to them. Different, asymmetrical phase voltages shorten the life of the motor. Instead of its efficient operation, the engine may fail or overheat.

Similarly happens with a person acting against himself. Even when acting against oneself brings effects for some time, it is difficult to maintain positive results for a very long time.

If you follow your WHY, others will follow” Simon Sinek.

Next, the measurable and lasting benefits will appear for you.

And what are your values?

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