How to combine the development of your own business after hours with childcare?

Full-time parents, three small children at home and the development of your own business – can this be reconciled? When do you find time for your business? What about your children if you have to work at the weekend and after work as an employee, when its time to spend it with children?
Every working parent who wants to develop their skills and build a company after hours asks themselves these questions. The dilemma is big. Children grow very quickly and it’s a shame to give up time with them. The question is whether giving up being with children is necessary?
My husband got a call on Friday. An old, used basket that was put up for sale, liked a lady and wanted to buy. She provided the dimensions of the cabinet, we measured if it fits. My husband likes to drive a car, and the place given by the lady seemed not so far away. He stated that he would deliver. The client wanted to negotiate the price, we agreed to a discount. For us, the basket was no longer needed and stood in the garage, and it could be useful for her.
In the evening I looked at the map. However, the town where the client lives were quite far from us. It is a pity to go in vain. I saw that her house is close to a town known for its name. “Maybe something is interesting to see,” I thought.
In the morning I checked what was in town. It turned out that there is a castle, which is open to visitors. My husband and I looked at the pictures. The day promised to be warm and sunny, as for the winter. We decided to do a family trip with the children.
We traveled for about an hour. First, we handed over the basket to Mrs. Jozefa, and then we went on to visit the castle.

Beautiful place, the castle was visible on the hill above the trees. The sun was shining. The children were interested in new places, the youngest slept in the car, so she was reluctant to get on her arms. In the area next to the castle she was already running on a paved road. She didn’t want to hold her hand and enjoyed the free space.
The guided tour through the castle lasted about an hour. We learned a lot of interesting stories from the past. The elders listened, the little had to be watched and carried up the stairs.
After visiting the castle, we went to town for lunch. There was a question if to take a dessert or not. All took it. There was a children’s corner in the restaurant. We were glad that the youngest found something interesting. The siblings also played with her for a while. The toys were interesting because different from those at home.
After lunch, we returned to Mrs. Jozefa, where the carpenter measured the basket. We collected the money. Mrs. Jozefa asked for another discount. The carpenter was to adjust the basket to her furniture, so she had to pay in addition to the price of the basket for his work. We received homemade raspberry juice, pickled cucumbers and tomato sauce from Mrs. Jozefa. The children were running around her garden. The daughter liked sculptures spaced between plants.
We packed the jars and returned home with full luggage.
At the end of the day, the children were very happy with the trip together. We discovered another piece of the country and we brought money in the wallet.
For Mrs. Jozefa this day was also successful. She got a basket at the total price she wanted and in time, the carpenter will fit her basket to the kitchen cabinets. She invited us for the summer season. We have a new relationship. Win-Win for both sides.

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