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How to help your child overcome anger fast?

My son is 8 and he is sometimes very angry especially in his 10 years old sister.
This morning was no different.
The daughter wanted to sing in the morning, but for my son, it was too annoying.
He just hit her and left the room. He was sitting alone, upset in his bedroom.

We spoke shortly. He doesn’t want to apologize. He asked me:
-Why my wish will never come true?
-What kind of wish? – I asked
-The Wish about not being angry. Why It cannot materialize fast? Mum I don’t want to be so upset and angry.
-Some wishes take more time – I answered to him. But it was no better.

After the next 5 minutes, he was sitting down, alone. (It was a time before going to the school, so each minute was valuable)

He was so upset, he doesn’t eat breakfast, don’t sit with us by the table. Usually – he sits near to his sister. Today the chair was pushed away. He was on his way upstairs. I followed him and asked
-In which room you want to overcome the anger? – He chooses my cabinet.
-Now we will be jumping – I said- Just tell me to which music – and I start to play it on my phone.
I started with one music – it was not matching the jumping exercise. Then I opened “It’s my life” by Bon Jovie, setup the sound volume on maximum and we started to jump. 🙂
We jumped like 75% of the song long – we both were tired and the anger was gone. 🙂

The chair was back by the table and his sister, the breakfast was eaten and the children got out to school on time.
Thank you, Bon Jovi, for fast stress removal song 🙂
Written from the mum perspective 🙂

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