How to prepare a relaxing salt bath?

When I am tired and it is cold outside – I love to relax in the salt bath.
The salt bath can be very helpful when you are tired and when your inner energy is down. Sometimes bad feelings may be a consequence of mineral deficiencies.
The salt bath can be very helpful if you have trouble falling asleep.
The salt has useful ingredients – that affect our body positively.
Brine relaxes the nervous system, cleanses and rejuvenates. It has a positive effect on immunity, hair, and nails. And all thanks to minerals:

  • Magnesium – soothes the nervous system
  • Sulfur – good for hair, skin, and nails
  • Calcium, potassium, iodine, bromine – deacidifies the body.

After such a bath we feel relaxed, we fall asleep better.

How to prepare a salt bath:

Get bath salt. The amount of salt you add will depend on the type of salt
Set the tap on warm water and pour salt so that it dissolves under the stream:
Combine Epsom salt with Dead Sea salt. Take one glass (250 ml) of each and pour it into the tub. Add lavender oil from the Rescue & Renew series – soak for 20 minutes or:
Take as much salt from the Rescue & Renew series as is in your hand. No need to add oils. Rescue & Renew cleansing salt also contains seven essential oils that will take care of your body and better well-being.

After bathing:

Let the body dry out. If you are in a hurry, do not wipe your body with a towel, but dry it very gently.


  • After bathing, take advantage of salt and take care of smoothing and moisturizing the body. Peeling with high-quality sea salt from the Rescue & Renew collection will work great. Salt crystals do not dissolve too quickly, you scrub the whole body with a small amount of the product. The essential oils contained in the product will leave a pleasant moisturizing film on your body. Thanks to oils, the skin will be heavenly smooth and pleasantly fragrant.

How to add charm to a home ritual:

  • Make sure that nobody disturbs you
  • Dim the bathroom light, spacing the candles
  • Warm a towel, bathrobe – it is pleasant to dry the body with warm, soft material
  • Turn on relaxing music
  • Do you like the bath for two? Surprise your partner 🙂

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