What is the number one problem with New Year’s resolutions?

At the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, New Year’s resolutions are most often planned. More people appear in gyms, do diets and start jogging. Surprisingly enough, around February there is not much left after the New Year’s commitments. Everything is back to normal.

“I would like to be rich.” The thought comes from one side and then the next “But the rich people are thieves”.

“I would like to lose weight.” After a while you think: “I won’t be a model anymore”.

“This year I will be healthier.” But standing at the store shelf, the hand strangely turns toward sweets, and you add another portion of meat on your plate.

The effect of this is that you start acting and after a while, you lack the determination. Where does it come from?

T. Harv Eker said:

“The number one reason most people don’t get what they want is that they don’t know what they want.”

So instead of buying new running shoes, because all colleagues have already started training for the marathon and it’s my turn, ask yourself:

“What do I really want?”

“What do I care about so much that I won’t go off course although there will be adversities along the way?”

When you honestly answer this question, you may find that you do not want the same thing as your neighbor, that you do not care about running a marathon. Because your dreams are different.

“What do you want in the physical sphere?”

“What do you want in relationships?

“What do you want in the professional and financial sphere?”

“What do you want in the spiritual sphere?”

You can multiply these questions. Write down what you want in each group. Then read your list again and think about what most resonates with you right now.

To make your dream come true – it’s worth turning them into a goal with a specific deadline.

And when you have a goal, tell yourself:

“I decide that…”

“I am determined to …”

After a strong decision, think about what you should do to achieve the goal. Divide the activities into small steps and get started. Take a small step toward your goal every day. Do you want to write a book? Start by writing a few hundred words per day. Do you want to change your diet? Start by eliminating one dish or ingredient that does not serve you, and replace it.

By taking one step every day, you’ll be getting better in action. It will get into your blood and become something natural for you.

Then the New Year’s resolutions will stop to be a pipe dream, and you will be on the way to make the New Year much better than the last one.

Good luck

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